20 to 21 January 2012: Conference "Vague Language - Vague Law?" in Freiburg

From Friday, 20 January to Saturday, 21 January 2012, we will be hosting the conference "Vague Language - Vague Law?" at Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany.

The aim of the conference is to address the impact of linguistic vagueness on the law from different perspectives. The speakers are leading experts from the fields of law, linguistics and philosophy and include the following:

Ralph Christensen (Law, Philosophy - Würzburg University)
Manfred Krifka (General Linguistics - Humboldt University Berlin)
Doris Liebwald (Linguistics, Law - LingLaw, Vienna University)
Manfred Pinkal (Computational Linguistics - CORTE, Saarland University)
Monika Rathert (Linguistics - LingLaw, Wuppertal University)
Robert van Rooij (Linguistics, Philosophy - ILLC, University of Amsterdam)
Larry Solan (Linguistics, Law - Brooklyn Law School, New York)
Friedemann Vogel (Linguistics - Heidelberg University)
Stephan Walter (Linguistics - CORTE, Saarland University)

The venue of the conference will be Das Haus Zur Lieben Hand, Freiburg University.

For the conference flyer [PDF], click here.

For the full conference description [PDF], click here.